About Us

We are pride in introducing our company St.Antony Beverages Pvt Ltd.. We have several years of experience in supplying world class alcoholic beverages with premium quality. We are dedicated in supplying alcoholic beverages and distillations endorse the success of many of our products on the national and international market.

The modern installations and latest technologies employed in the elaboration of our products do not let us forget the traditional genesis, amidst wooden barrels and the intense aroma of liquor. We have rich experience in this industry which has undergone transformation, improving the quality, hygiene, and considerable benefits of the drinks we now produce. Clearly, our company’s prime objective is to keep pace with our clients’ needs, and to offer them a quality product, good relations, and the most efficient customer service.

The work and constancy of an eager, committed team has enabled our company to become a modern, avant-garde company in both the manufacturing and supplying the products with an international approach, close proximity to the consumer, and regard for traditional means of production, the keystone of their strategy, becoming a reference within the sector, at both national and international market.

Our Strength

  • High quality products affordably priced
  • Available in 20cl up to 3 liters Bottles
  • Extensive portfolio of Beverages & Spirits
  • Great Customer Service
  • Global Presence
  • Our products quality are phenomenal and prices are nominal

We have our Corporate office in London namely St.Antony Beverages UK Ltd where we supply world class quality products internationally. Our Brand is St.Antony which identifies a product and to show customers what makes them different, when choosing, buying, consuming and even sharing them with their closest circle.

We are working, thinking, innovating, constantly to always look for to supply the best quality of products to satisfy the customers’ demand.

Always focusing on the needs of the consumer, for this we put ourselves at the service of professionals in the sector, to try and to discover their needs and take the steps to satisfy them by anticipating the future.